Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy 60th Anniversary!

My grandparents have been married 60 years! 

No, that's not Grace Kelly.  That's my ridiculously gorgeous grandmother.  People always ask about this photo, which I have hanging in my living room.  She had it rotting in her garage, so in person it doesn't look so great, but I spent some time retouching the digital one to get rid of water marks and such.

Friday we had a huge gathering celebrating, and assuming I get my act together, a post on the party, Thanksgiving, Robby turning 1.5, and a million other posts that I've been sitting on will all come out this week . HA.  MAYBE.  K, the kid has a vacuum cord wrapped around his neck.  See why I can't write?


  1. How gorgeous is she! What a beautiful picture to have of your grandmother. Hopefully we all get the opportunity to celebrate 60 years of marriage with our sweet hubbies :)

  2. What an amazing milestone! Belated congratulations to the happy couple!