Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Holiday Week at the Beach

Sure, I'll pretend the only reason you haven't heard from me is that I've been on vacation.  It's convenient, but also true.  We were in Sea Isle, NJ last week and, aside from a stomach bug, had a wonderful time.

The Lion had never been to a beach before, but just coming up the stairs to the beach, he let out the most incredible squeal.  He somehow knew it was exciting and fun.  Though, as he quickly learned, it is not tasty.  It took him 3 handfuls of sand to figure that one out.

My parents rented my husband's boss's house (little confusing there), which was absolutely GORGEOUS, and we're very grateful.  It was only two blocks from the beach, which was perfect for those of us who had to do a lot of back and forth trips.  Also, it had enough space for my parents, cousins, brother, everyone!

Robby really liked going in the water, particularly if I would hold him and "dip" him.  He wasn't a huge fan of waves coming on to him on his own.  He got braver as time went on, though.

To the point that it was a little hard to keep him out.  He was very social, and would try to play with anyone on the beach...also, a little awkward.

It's a good thing he got his father's skin and can tan, rather than mine.  Which, yes, I know, I should hide under a rock at all times, and not play in the sun ever.  Chris does call me a vampire.

Robby enjoyed the house, though we had to make pretend baby gates out of furniture to block off the stairways.  He's standing next to stairs in this picture, and would spend literally hours waving hello and goodbye to (imaginary) people and blowing kisses to them.

He was also a big fan of the "big boy" chairs and tables.  And moving them to places he shouldn't and standing on them.  Like that railing.  TROUBLE.

This was his favorite spot in the house, because he could watch cars, trucks, dogs, and birds go by.  And comment quite loudly on them.  I hope everyone on the street thought he was as adorable as I did.

And he and Aunt Sara developed quite a friendship.  He was trying hard to say her name, but it was more of an Ah-wa.  Doesn't he look cute in Ray bans?

There are lots of other stories, and hopefully I get around to writing them, but I'm signing off for now.  


  1. What great pictures! Your little guy is adorable. I get super paranoid about the kids by stairs; thankfully we have a single-level home.

  2. Looks like you guys had such a good time!