Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Lion's 1st Birthday Party

No, Robby's not 1 yet.  I will deny that fact until Wednesday, when I can't anymore.  But...we did have his party.  Lil man was really well behaved, and seemed to have a great time!

I'm disappointed that my practice cakes all seemed to turn out better than my "real" cakes.  Don't get me wrong, they TASTE fantastic.  I could have done better on the decorations, though.  That's ok.  Robby didn't care to eat too much of it anyway.

The cakes...not surprisingly were a bit of an obsession for me.  I did multiple rounds of test cakes figuring out what the best flavors were, and a couple rounds working on decorations.  I still need to practice decorating, but it's really hard to do without putting a lot of extra weight on your family's waistline!  I did get frustrated with my mom as she kept suggesting that I BUY cupcakes.  Which, any of you that know me know that would never happen.  I may have less time these days, but no.  I would not do that.  Uh uh.  So...I may have only slept 5 hours a night for a few nights in a row, but at least they were mine.  

Robby REALLY loves balloons.  Which is adorable, cheap entertainment, and all of that, but really can be worrisome.  Especially when he starts chewing on the "weight" which is a balloon filled with sand.  Consequently, they've already been disposed of.  I suppose it was fun while it lasted.  

Secondary obsession of mine.  I wanted the cute banners you see everywhere.  But I did not want to pay the exorbitant rates you see.  Of course, I thought, "I can make those, no problem."  The issue is I do not have a cricut or any similar device.  That is ALL done by hand.  And the characters I free-handed and cut out of paper.  One friend said, "I hope you at least bought the circles."  Um...nope.  Traced my tupperware.

Food.  Pretty self-explanitory.  It wasn't fancy.  Grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, salad, pasta salad, fruit salad, chips.  Think that's it.  All stuff Robby likes.

As always, Jen took on a lot of the baby-wrangling.  She's a natural.  Even if she usually teaches kids that are a bit older (8th grade).

And, of course my mother-in-law got roped into playing with all the outside toys.  He's obsessed already, but not quite steady enough to do it on his own.

This is about as much as he ended up eating.  I was a little surprised he wasn't more into it.  He LOVES sweet things (mostly fruit), but perhaps this took it a bit farther than he wanted.  Oh well.  

The party was largely lacking in kids.  There were only 4 there including Robby.  Kaden is only 2 weeks younger than Robby, Maddie's 3, and not pictured is Maddie's little brother, Noah who's only 3 months.  They still had a good time.  I hope!  Maddie was very sure she wanted to help with Robby.  It was very cute.

So, there it is.  My little man is all grown up.  Oh, ok, not quite.  But it's hard to believe it's moved so fast!


  1. LOVE those cakes! I couldn't even come close...the closest I do come is going to S&S and even that I find difficult. I cannnnnot believe he is going to be 1 already!

  2. Cakes look delish! I am with you - I prefer to make mine! Happy Birthday to your little Lion!

  3. Your cakes look delish! I am with you and prefer to make my own! Happy Birthday to your little Lion!

  4. Happy early birthday Robby. We wish we could have made it. Looks like you guys had a great time!