Friday, December 18, 2009

My (soon-to-be) Husband Rocks

So, I know we're not married yet, but who couldn't use a little validation? What a great, inspiring blog trend! On Fridays, they are encouraging you to share a story about why your husband rocks. Check it out here:

So, why Chris rocks today:

I may be frustrated that I got up 4 times last night, and he got up once, with a puppy that has some tummy trouble, but Chris has done a wonderful job with her. I may be nervous about what this means for midnight wake-up calls from a baby, but he has been nothing but nurturing, concerned, and attentive to our new little girl. The second something goes wrong, he's on top of it. Being the engineer, he goes into research mode for how to "fix" it. He always has a million ideas for solutions, and is willing to try new things. Therefore, Chris rocks.

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