Thursday, November 12, 2009


There's a facebook meme challenging everyone to be thankful for something every day until Thanksgiving. These were/are my postings:

11/10 I am thankful that Chris is so hardworking, so that renovations have gone quickly.
11/11 I am thankful that my generous father, who was doing Hurricane Katrina relief on the gulf coast, was protected from the current hurricane.
11/12 I am thankful for successful call-backs. Michelle you rock!
11/13 I am thankful for our miraculous bodies that are so strong and resilient...even if I overdid the abs yesterday (ouch!).
11/14 I am thankful that most schools can cheer for their teams with class. Pitt, however, is not one of them.
11/15 I am thankful for all the wonderful people with birthdays today. TWO bridesmaids, and the fabulous twin of one of them!
11/16 I am thankful for beautiful, sunny days that let us be outside in November!!!
11/17 I am thankful for professional organization meetings. Great way to break up the day.
11/18 I am thankful for the food on my table...especially when the fiance prepared it b/c you were getting home late!
11/19 I am thankful for my family. Both immediate and extended, and psyched to see the crazy, huge Diven bunch next week!!!!
11/20 I am thankful that BOTH cars are now paid off. Take THAT recession. :P
11/21 I am thankful to be done with continuing education...maybe...need to check.
11/22 I am thankful today that I woke up this morning feeling my normal self. Honestly, quite surprised. As, I'm sure, are all of you that were betting that I'd be dancing on the breakfast bar.
11/23 I am thankful for books. I love being able to see others' perspectives, learn things, and escape into other worlds. Wish I was curled up on the couch at home, snuggled up under a blanket, with a big cup of coffee and a book right now.
11/24 I am thankful that it is so easy to help others. However, doesn't mean I'm not a little frustrated that I just got roped into playing 4 concerts when I'm so out of practice... So, anyone who wants to hear Christmas music, I think the 18th and 19th are open to the public. (as is the 11th, but I'm not playing)
11/25 I am thankful for never having had to need to worry about having something to wear on my body or feet. I need to remember that the secondary concerns of being too snug, worn, or out-of-fashion are wonderful to have as concerns in the grand scheme of things.
11/26 I am thankful for mostly safe travels for the family. One minor fender bender, but aunt & uncle are fine. Happy Thanksgiving!

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