Monday, September 14, 2009

We have a family room!

Yay! It was painful completing the floor Friday night while I was sick, but we did it! And now the furniture's back in! And we can use it! Woo hoo! Bob's replacing the window's some time this week, so we're waiting on the last couple of rows and the molding, but close enough.

The bathroom is coming along. We've spackled everything once, and are sanding tonight. We've purchased the tiles for the floors, put up all the lights, and ordered the vanity, sink, cabinet, and mirror. So, most of the money that needs to be spent has been. At least that's a relief. We have some hope that we can finish it in the next couple of weeks and have people over for the Iowa game. It was great having Matt over on Saturday. It felt like a real house when we could entertain in it. Not just a disaster zone.

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