Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Finally, a Christmas Overview

If you think my break is due to the "blizzard" we're experiencing...you'd be sadly mistaken.  Here in the western suburbs of Philly, we only got about 6".  Although, that's what shut down London for so long, right?  All the snow meant for us was that we left Ohio EARLY Sunday morning (we're talking about 4:30 am ya'll), and drove back in time to beat the "onslaught".  We both still went in to work the next day.  Though, the roads were pretty empty.

Ohio was lovely.  They had a coating of maybe 4" of snow on the ground.  It was just enough for Harper to go, "Oh, yeah!  I remember this stuff!"  And promptly turn into insane-o-pup.  We went to the tennis courts at the middle school a couple of times so that she could chase her ball, and she just thought it was the absolutely most exciting thing she had ever experienced.  That, and, even though she usually has the nose of...well...something that can't smell, she decides to track everything once there's snow on the ground. 

Alright, below are going to be some pictures of our walk on Christmas Eve.  That were taken with our broken Canon Rebel.  It will allow you to take manual focus pictures either 1) With a flash or 2) No flash and INSANELY slow shutter speed.  So...I'll show you some of each, and you can experience the torture. 

Lovely, isn't it? 

Harper thoroughly enjoyed  Christmas morning, too, and insisted on helping open presents.

Yes, she received an Ohio State football, and the Lion got an Ohio State onesie.  Chris was not so thrilled, and immediately called his mother to tell her she had to help balance the sports attire that our child will be wearing.

Finally...visions of the "blizzard". 

Oh, no, she wasn't enjoying herself at all.  Just a little more than poor Chris.  Who wouldn't let me help him shovel.  Sometimes this pregnancy thing is alright.  ;)

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  1. haha Jon won't let me shovel either which I don't entirely understand. Something about me being 9.5 months pregnant and not exerting myself blah blah blah