Friday, December 3, 2010

Week 15

Yes, this is a highly unusual update picture.  If you want the explanation, go check out my guest post over on Living Like the Kings.

So...we've hit week 15.  And I skipped week 14.  Thanksgiving and all that.  14 was more of the same, although I did miss my first day of work because I couldn't get the morning sickness under control.  Ah, the milestones.  Anyway.  15.  

Weight gain:  Well, whole awkward losing/gaining roller coaster aside?  I'm up about 4 pounds from my original weight.  Which means...woah nelly, better slow down.  It's coming on quick in 2nd trimester.

How do I feel?  Still nauseous, still exhausted.  I did go 4 days without getting sick, so hopefully the breaks keep getting longer and longer.  

Anything eventful?  Oh, guess this was last week, too, but I can now hear the Lion on the at-home doppler.  I probably could earlier, but hadn't tried.  It was pretty cool.  We tried to count the heartbeat as best we could and are getting about 156/minute.  So...make what predictions you will.

Sex?  We won't get tested til January, but I continue to be confused.  My co-worker did the "needle test" where you dangle it over your wrist and if it goes in a circle it's a girl, and back and forth is a boy...she says it's a boy.  For the first time this week, though, I drempt the Lion was a girl.  Most of the time he's showing up male, though.

Clothing?  We have moved into maternity pants.  The tops are still a mix. 

Husband moment of the week:  Ok, I don't  remember if this was this week, but I do know I haven't written about it.  Chris touched my stomach and said, "I thought pregnant bellies were supposed to be hard."  I had to respond, "Well, I've still got room in there for now!" 


  1. Sounds like a good week- and I LOVE the pic!

  2. Wicked funny about the husband comment! Someone did that to me (some male friend of ours) around the same time! I was like, DUDE it's still early! There's barely even a baby in there!