Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Party

My office has been off doing Christmas parties for a few years, and Chris's is down to just doing an inter-office get-together, but better than nothing!  His party was this past weekend, with a semi-controversial idea behind it.  The party was to be during the parade that is in that town, and everyone could watch out of the windows.  Sounds like a good idea, but getting there and finding parking proved somewhat difficult.  It's a small town, but a lot of people come in for the parade, so they close roads, and I even ended up having to go the wrong way up a one-way street to get to the office, and blissfully, their own garage (though with limited spaces). 

The ironic part, is that Chris is so opposed to traffic, that we left before the parade started to go home, so that we didn't have to fight it on the way out, too.  Would've been nice to see.  What sort of Philly girl am I if I've never seen mummers perform in any setting? 

The food was good, and I inhaled it as I was almost at the end of my "eat every 2 hours or get sick" time frame when I arrived.  People were teasing Chris that he was a child, since he selected to only eat chicken fingers, mac 'n cheese, and desserts.  It's a party, so be it. 

There were probably more children than adult attendees, so it was interesting to track what all their names were.  And, the other interesting thing, is that kids in Chris's office run in 3's.  So...we're all making bets on who needs to join Susie and I in the Spring/Summer of 2011.  Chris is horrifying his single co-worker, Brittney, with his bet on her, while I wagered on Mike & Meghan having a third.  Chris thinks Mike would cry. 

I wasn't going to write about the party because I didn't have any pictures, but Chris's co-worker Kathy forwarded one.  So...here it is.  I'm not sure what my hair is doing...it looks...missing?  As does the bump...  Oh well, still cute.  And demonstrates why Chris prefers me not to wear heels.

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