Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Current Enemy

A long time has passed since the days when I used to fight with my violin and cello teachers over cutting my nails, but the cello is back to being the bane of my existence.

  This new found issue is nothing to do with cutting my nails, or practicing (though, admittedly, both have been problematic this past week), but rather that the Lion seems to have a major problem with my instrument. 

I noticed pretty early on that my core strength is minimal.  Walking Harper was hard, because she could easily pull me over, and already I stand and sit like I'm massively pregnant just because I'm weak.  This has made rehearsals very challenging.  For those of you that aren't familiar with cellos, they are the string instrument that you sit to play.  It takes a LOT of core strength to hold yourself upright and support your instrument and proper playing position.  By the end of a 2 hour rehearsal, I am SHOT. 

A few weeks ago was my first real issue.  By the end of the rehearsal I was shaking, aching, and all my core muscles went into spasms.  By the time I got home, I was throwing up uncontrollably (but what's new about that, right?).  Just another case of pushing myself too hard.

Well, last night at rehearsal, I didn't even make it to the end.  By the time I had ran out of rehearsal twice to get sick, I decided I needed to leave.  15 minutes early.  I am not looking forward to concerts.  The added nerves will only make it more challenging, I'd imagine.  And the fact that my conductor has called for a 2 hour rehearsal before the concert on Saturday.  EEEK!!!

I like to think that the Lion just doesn't appreciate either classical music, or the vibrations, though, not the entirely logical over-exertion explanation.

Regardless, if you're anywhere near the western suburbs of Philly, feel free to come to one of our concerts!  We're actually pretty good this year!  It'll get you into the Christmas spirit, and they are free admission.  See our website for details.  And who knows, you may just get to laugh at me as I get sick all over the other low strings.  Joyeux Noelle! 

The Audubon Symphony Orchestra

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  1. You used to love the organ before being born! You bounced along to the music. Love, Mom