Monday, January 3, 2011

Where have I been?

Oh the places I've seen...  Not really.  Nowhere particularly new, but MAN have we been on the road a lot!  It all started for Christmas when we went to Ohio to see my parents.  Then we spent a couple of quiet (ha!) days at home recovering, and, obviously cleaning.  You may have picked up on that hospital-style cleanliness is important to my husband.  He even took a 1/2 day off during that time to help me.  On Thursday, we drove up to Chris's parents, somewhere in the nowhere-lands of NE Pennsylvania.  We decided to torture them and leave Harper in their care while we went on to Rochester for my cousin's wedding on New Year's.  We were in Rochester overnight, came back to the in-laws, spent another night there, and finally made it back to our house sometime yesterday.  Yes, you should not feel ashamed if you are breathless just reading that.  Now we are overjoyed to be going NOWHERE for the foreseeable future.  Here are a couple of pictures I stole from my uncle, I'll do some uploading later.

My cousin Todd and his beautiful wife Meghan.  They've finally tied the knot after dating for 14 years!!!

Chris and I hanging out in the hotel lobby.  They had some delicious water "spiked" with orange slices.  Mmm...tasty.

The first picture of all the cousins together in TWELVE years.  Yes, there are spouses and kids in there, too.  I hadn't even MET 3 of Mike's 5 kids.  Been too long!  Going up and around in a horseshoe, my actual cousins are Mike (bottom L), me, my brother, Mariano (next to Jim), Christina (next to Mariano), Brent (in front of her), and Todd (the groom).  Debbie, Chris, Sara, Clay, Lindsey, and Meghan are just welcome additions.  All the kids belong to Mike and are Trevor (L), and from the top down: Alyssa, Ashley, Justin, and Amber.  So cute!

There will be more once I upload, but hope everyone had a fantastic New Years!