Monday, December 6, 2010

Pre-Natal Yoga

I haven't exactly moved past the sickness-stage, but I've decided that I've just got to ignore it and get back to exercising. So...step one? Pre-natal yoga.

I attended a class yesterday at Ocean Earth Wind Fire that was taught by Denise.

I have to admit, I enjoyed it thoroughly!  There were only 4 of us (in addition to the teacher), and I didn't feel too out of place at only 15 weeks.  The other women were at 28, 26, and 18 weeks, so a bit of variety there.  We started the class discussing our birthing plans, and honestly?  I'm glad I was already thinking of doing natural child birth because, not surprisingly, there was a strong push toward the more holistic paths.  There were 2 of us that said we were considering natural hospital births, and that almost came across as involving too much intervention when others were discussing home births, birthing centers, and doulas.  I honestly don't know the exact decision I will make, but I did feel a little pressure during this discussion, which, might have been somewhat uncomfortable.  I do plan on watching the documentary "The Business of Being Born" after everyone's comments, though.

As for the actual class?  I was surprised!  We still did almost identical poses to any other class I've been to!  I thought that inversions were supposed to be bad, but I guess that's just standing on your head type of inversions.  We still certainly were doing downward dogs and such.  For most poses, the instructor was giving modifications for people having balance issues, or their bellies were in the way.  I did not have these problems yet.  Also, there were plenty of blocks or bolster pillows available to help support in whatever position you needed them.  My only difficulty was feeling weak after too much of a break!  I had to come out of a few poses just because my muscles were shaking or would cramp up.

Awkward moment #2?  Having an instructor tell a room full of women to do a few kegels while in a pose.  I just don't normally consider this a community activity?  Ah, well.  Necessary.

And finally?  During corpse pose at the end, I swear I felt the Lion for the first time!  Which totally defeated the point of the "relaxation pose".  My mind was NOT clear.  As soon as I felt the flutter across my abdomen, I became entirely focused on that feeling.  Well, I suppose I can sacrifice a little relaxation for that moment.   


  1. I took a prenatal yoga class once around 15 weeks. Honestly- I just didn't buy into it. I love yoga but it was sooooo boring/slow/not very challenging. Most of it was about breathing. Which I get bored with easily. But regarding your moment- are you planning to take birth prep classes? Everyone does kegals together. LOL Including men. It's pretty funny.

  2. I watched The Business of Being Born a few weeks ago on Netflix... very interesting!