Sunday, December 19, 2010


Ok, I'll use our dead Canon Rebel as an excuse.  SERIOUSLY.  That thing is less than a year old, and having major issues.  Need to try and figure that out. is a picture of slightly lesser quality.  :P

Apologies for the hard-to-determine bump, but I figured I better take a picture RIGHT THAT SECOND when I thought about it, or it wasn't going to happen for another 2 weeks.  No time to change.  I'll be 18 weeks on Wednesday. 

***EDIT***  I forgot the weight stat.  Apparently my scale is screwed up because the official doctor scale said I had only gained 3.5 lbs total as of Wednesday.  Not the 6 mine was scaring me with.

How are you feeling?  Much better on the nausea front.  I haven't been sick in over a week.  I don't want to curse myself, but we may have moved past the morning sickness stage.  I've started having some crazy sciatica pain shooting up my tailbone, but at least it's not consistent.  Comes and goes.  VERY tired all the time.  Which, hey, wasn't that supposed to go AWAY 2nd trimester?  Taking a lot of naps.

C'mon, have you found out the sex yet?  Nope.  Haven't even scheduled the anatomy scan.  Need to do that.  I've even taken to referring to the Lion as a "him" most of the time, so I'm gonna really have to change my thinking if it shows a girl!

Feeling any movement?  OH yeah.  Particularly when I'm playing concerts.  I think that's part of why the concerts end up being so painful!  (that and sitting up straight in metal chairs)  The kid goes NUTS.  It's like being seasick on a boat.  He just starts rolling around having his own little dance party in there. 

Anything odd food wise?  Really?  No, not at all right now.  I'm feeling much more like myself.  Even to the point that I've debated dropping the meat.  Though the doctor said my iron levels were great from the bloodwork...and that's rare.  I usually show up as anemic, so maybe I should stick with it for now.  I'm still having a lot of trouble drinking water.  I don't know why I hate it so much.  But my blood pressure at last appointment was only 100/60, so that's verging on worrisome-low, and mostly says DEHYDRATED.  So...trying. 

Exciting events?  Ok, see that picture?  I'm wearing the hand-me-downs from my friend at work.  And those jeans?  Size 4.  Well, size 27, but same thing.  WOO HOO.  I'm so pleased that I'm going to be able to fit in her stuff!  Well, although (any males reading may want to stop), the boobs are out of control.  About to buy the next size up in bras.  Again.  This big-to-begin with girl did NOT need to go up 2 cup sizes.  Already.  Unless they plan on stopping.  Like...tomorrow.  At least Chris is enjoying it.  I think that's why the belly doesn't look so huge.  They kind of balance it out!

Anything bad this week?  Y'know, kid wise?  Not really.  The concerts were crazy painful, and I was certainly spasming afterwards.  Did not sleep well Friday because of it.  Other than that?  It's been alright.

Any funny quotes?  I really need to write them down when I hear them.  Preggo brain's not letting me remember.  Only vaguely funny one I can think of is a friend came up to me after a concert with her 4-year-old daughter and said, "She has a baby in her belly."  And her daughter said, "Nuh UH.  I'M a baby."  Cute.  Don't think she gets the whole process yet. 

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  1. Size 4? While pregnant? Really? I haven't been a 4 since . . . ever. But good for you! I'm just really glad we aren't pregnant at the same time or I'd be green with nausea AND envy. ;)