Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nursery Part 1

So, we haven't gotten very far on the nursery yet, but we now have the first bit of furniture.  You should know that the room is VERY oddly shaped and what you're looking at is a little alcove section in the back of the room.
Yup, that's a futon!  I know, this is not seeming like much of a nursery post, right?  However, the idea is to have more guest space, a space for me to sleep on the 2nd floor initially, and just make that niche a "reading nook".  We do have a bookshelf for in there, too, but it's in a different location. 

We were so proud of ourselves!  We found this fantastic frame on Craigslist for $50, and it only has a couple scratches on the top.  The mattress was also a steal from  If you've never heard me shout praises of Overstock before?  Then I have been severely remiss in my love declaration.  We have bought innumerable items, and always been more than happy with the quality, price, and $1 shipping.  Where else can you get this crazy heavy futon shipped to you for only $1! 

On that note, I beg my husband in particular to not ream me out for carrying said futon up a flight of stairs by myself.  It may have not been the smartest move, happened.  Deal.  And...since he removed the doorknob from that door last night (in an effort to get the door to latch), the animals have discovered the futon and made themselves at home.  Doh.  In fact, I think I'm hearing the dog upstairs now.  I should check that.  Harper!

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  1. That's a great idea for the nursery! And I LOOOOOVE all things Overstock. Half of my sheets, towels, curtains, and other decor are from Overstock and I couldn't be happier. Great price, cheap shipping, and AMAZING quality. Have you looked at their shoe and maternity wear collections?