Friday, January 28, 2011

I Think My Husband is Nesting

Two quick notes before I dive in: 
1)  I have a stomach virus.  I am cranky. 
2)  Go check out Lizzie's post today.  It is a soup recipe I sent her.  the Mother Runner: Southwest Chicken and White Bean Soup

Chris has always been a bit of a neat freak.  Which I suppose is good because, while I'm not DIRTY, I would not be living to quite his standards if he didn't encourage it.  Right now, though?  There is a lot of stuff that is not where it should be.  He has emptied every closet in our house in an effort to reorganize, gather donations, and clear out the baby's room.  Isn't this supposed to be the pregnant woman's hang-up?

For instance, there is a chair frame that needs a second coat in the middle of our basement.  Ok, I started this.  Both in the sense that I suggested we paint it (because it was lime green in the blue and white room), and because I'm supposed to be putting on the second coat.  So...point not proven.  It's still there, though.

This IS all Chris.  This is his to-do list.  Well, two pages of his to-do list.  It goes on for at least 4.  He may have added to it.  And, alright, it's his in the fact that he wrote it down.  Again, I may be responsible for doing some of it.

Last bit of evidence?  A newly reformatted closet in our guest room.  He built in all the shelving himself (a couple months ago), but what is new is that he moved all of my sewing materials here that formerly resided in the baby's closet.  Which I SUPPOSE makes sense.

I'm not doing a very good job at proving my point, but it boils down to that he keeps leaving me "honey do" lists, and then comes up with millions of more projects whenever he's around.  And, for reference, laundry, dishes, and cooking do not count as chores to him since they are "every day".  Yes, please slap him around a bit for me.  At least we are working through everything, I suppose.  Now I must go start something since I only have done laundry and dishes.  Obviously, I'm a bum.


  1. You're NOT a bum! You two are just nesting in different ways!

  2. hahahhahhahhahhahha that's really funny. I left Jon a lot of honey do lists. :) I wrote them on a notepad and left it in the middle of the dining room table where you couldn't miss it. hehehhehhe