Friday, January 14, 2011

Good news for you!

The good news for you:  There won't be any more bad pictures for awhile!  Yes, I finally got off my lazy butt and sent the camera away to be repaired.  Well, there MIGHT be pictures, but it involves me finding the point and shoot and using that.  So we shall see. 

Also good?  2011 really seems to be turning around for us.  So maybe I will quit being so mopey and feel like I can write without depressing the rest of the world.  Yes, I'm still part time, but between Chris's test and work successes (oh, did I not tell you?  Aside from just passing the PE, he has been regionally recognized for a green building he helped design.  My husband is a rock star.), the Lion being healthy and generally driving me a little less nuts (thank you 2nd trimester), and just managing to work through a lot of crud in my head, things are looking up.

It just wouldn't be me without bringing you down a little bit, though.  Harper continues to have an intestinal infection, and continues to lose yet more weight.  Oh!  I might have a picture of her I haven't posted so you can see the skinniness.

There's nothing quite like being allowed to chew on an empty wrapping-paper tube if you're a puppy.  It didn't last long.  Maybe 10 minutes before I had to take the shredded remains away.  Anyway, our last bi-weekly visit resulted in a $200-some dollar charge, and she was down another 2 pounds in 2 weeks.  So Chris and I had to have the heartbreaking discussion of when were we going to say "enough is enough".  Don't worry, it's not yet!  We're trying upping the antibiotics yet again, and praying, but it wouldn't be fair to let her starve to death if things don't get under control.  I ended up in tears, and Chris had the nerve to say, "Aren't pregnancy hormones fun?"  Oooh!  I about slugged him.  My response?  "I would've been upset about this anyway, thank you." 

Alright.  Enough of that.  I'm going to go back to remembering that life is looking up.  Which...will be easier after I go grab a couple Tums.  ;)  For all the relief of symptoms the 2nd trimester has brought, it's also brought on some WICKED heartburn.  So, off to raid the medicine cabinet.


  1. Congrats Chris!!! :) And you- be happy :) At least you're not at your due date and NO SIGN OF BABY! :)

  2. YEAH!!! Congrats on the camera, and I KNOW 2011 will be YOUR year!

  3. that is awesome about your hubby. and i will be praying for harper. i cant bear the thought of my champ not being around so i know all of this is hard for you!

  4. hahah! we do the same thing w/ our pup! before we vacuum! Is Harper ok?