Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What did I wear to the wedding?

So, Kristin over at Glamorous Newlywed was kind enough to do a post on what I should wear to a winter wedding while pregnant.  She has some of the BEST fashion advice posts I've seen, and is also a couple months ahead of me in the whole preggo-thing.  You should check out her original post here:

I'm not the best at following instructions, but I tried hard to take the gyst of what she recommended, and roll with it.  From what I gathered, I'd be well advised to use chunky statement jewelry, a flat shoe in a contrasting color, and an empire waist (well, that's a given).  So I tried.

Alright, this is a terrible picture of me, but you can see I went with dark silver jewelry, sweater, and flats.  The sweater was mostly just for the ceremony and any transition time.  I only really am putting up the closed-eye photo because it's the only one Chris took where you can see the shoes.  And husbands will only put up with so many "can you take that again" 's.

Here I am without the sweater.  Yeah, I went with complete hoochiness...otherwise known as a v-neckline, which could never be conservative on me at the moment. 

And finally one of us as a couple.  The lighting and focus aren't quite right, but I'll continue to use the broken camera as the excuse.  I really need to call about that. 

So, once again, a great big thank you to Kristin for her suggestions, and I hope I at least got close!


  1. OMG YOU LOOK SO CUTE AND PREGGERS! :) I love it! By the way, there are NEVER too many, take it agains with husbands. That's what they're there for! On another note, might be worth investing in a tripod. They're not very pricey. I just bought one on amazon that's pretty good!

  2. Love it! You look absolutely GREAT!! LOVE the shoes!