Monday, January 17, 2011

21.5 Weeks

I am REALLY bad about following a schedule, but here I am again doing a 1/2 post so that I actually get a picture up.  And it's a really lousy picture.  I need someone to show me how on earth to take a picture in a mirror.  It is way beyond my skill level.

I'm thinking I look huge, but I've had a few people tell me that I don't look pregnant, so...sigh.  Let's compare.  Here I am at 5 weeks pregnant.

Alright.  I feel better.  I am definitely a LOT bigger.  So :P

Here we go with questions.

How do I feel?  Really, pretty darn good!  Heartburn's atrocious, but aside from that?  All is good.  I mean, I BELIEVED people when they said the 2nd trimester got better, but now I don't have doubts. 

Do we know the sex?  Yup!  The Lion's a boy!

Do we know the name?  Well...we had said from day 1 a specific boy's name...and now Chris claims that it's not decided and we're not naming him until he arrives.  So...kinda.

How much weight have you gained?  I think about 8 pounds?  I'll know once I (finally) go to the doctor tonight.  I may or may not have forgotten my appointment last week and had to reschedule.  GRR.

Any good stories?  I'm a terrible blogger...not really.  Oh, wait!  One to do with pregnancy brain!  Ha.

So, I have now gotten into a terrible rut of every time I go to the grocery store, thinking, "Oh, we're out of corn meal, I should grab some."  However...we now have THREE containers of corn meal in our pantry.  I think I need to take the time to write on my forehead "Do not let me buy cornmeal" before entering the store.  Hopefully a conscientious cashier would take pity on me.


  1. Awww you look very cute pregnant :) ps- next time turn off the flash! :)

  2. I LOVE the pic- and if you find anybody to give you camera lessons, I would also like to sign up!

  3. We are pretty close! I'm 19 weeks today. And, I posted my recent pic on FB and everyone said I didn't look that preggo! :( I feel huge and wonder how big I"ll get! :-O