Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

I am now 30.  Oof.  Actually, I'm really not all that disturbed by the number, but a little disturbed by having my first kid in my 30's.  Ah, well.  They'd think I was old even if I was a teen mom.  It's a rule.  All of our parents are "old" until we're old enough to feel it ourselves! 

Presents I'd LIKE to receive today, but I'm not going to:

- Kat going into labor (I've been told, sadly, that's not happening, even though I had bet on it)
- A good economy for all
- 80 degree weather...in Philly...in January.  Ha.

Presents I HAVE received today:
- Harper waking us up throwing up a chicken bone...which means she ATE chicken bones.  Hmm.
- A big ole bag of cards and presents which I have promised not to open until Chris gets home.  AHHH.

AND...MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL...CHRIS PASSED HIS P.E. (professional engineering) EXAM!!!!!  It has been a long road, and he has worked his BUTT off studying, but we are finally DONE.  I've passed all the bars I intend to take, he's passed the FE and PE, and therefore...no. more. tests. ever.  Thank you, God!  I am so grateful! 


  1. Happy happy birthday!!! As an older blogger (haha, 33), I will tell you that being 30 rocks. In fact, I may just go back to that age :)

  2. Happy Birthday! Congrats to you and Chris too!! Sounds like a great time.

  3. HAPPPPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW, I so badly wish I was going into labor too...COME ON, Peanut. Where are you??