Monday, November 15, 2010

The Weekend's Progress

Chris deserves a round of applause.  As do his friends Kyle and Matt.  Kyle came into town on Saturday to help Chris frame, and they knocked out all the framing you see.  They also installed the door.  We had ripped out EVERYTHING.  There was no wall between the laundry room and living area, no half walls, no get the point.  While they were working, I went to hardware stores twice for them, ran a bunch of errands, cleaned, and made homemade wheat bread and lentil soup for lunch.  Which...while tasty...was a fail because I didn't realize Kyle was doing a low-carb diet right now.  Sorry!  

Sunday, Matt came over, and they laid the vapor barrier and subfloor, and put the risers and treads on the stairs.  It's starting to look like a room!  What did I do?  Another 2 trips to hardware stores (grr...wish we could just get everything AT ONCE), grocery store, ironing, cleaning, and had to feed them TWICE.  Menu for Sunday?  Chopped up some potatoes for baked fries seasoned with Lowry's and cheesesteaks with peppers and onions for lunch.  Stew with some of the fresh bread for dinner.  Oh, and did I mention Chris gave me his illness?   I was a little cranky.  And am still coughing.  I'd like to point out that coughing while pregnant is just awful.  First, you cough, then you double over in pain because it sets off round ligament pains, THEN you start to gag and try not to throw up whatever's in your stomach.  Every...single...time.  BAH.   

For some reason, Chris wouldn't let me help too much with construction.  I obviously helped some with loading materials into trucks, but the only thing I did in the room was hold a brace for the stairs while Chris screwed it in.  However, it sounds like I get to drywall tonight.  Woo hoo!  Haven't done that since we tore out the bathroom.  Hopefully I'm feeling ok, and will get to feel remotely useful.  

Anyway, I'm proud of where we're at, and hopefully it will get back to looking like a finished basement in time for all our company next week.  AHHHH!  My parents are generous enough to have offered to come up early to help us this weekend, so we have a prayer.  Full steam ahead!

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  1. Looking good! By the way, Jon won't let me do ANYTHING since we found out we were pregnant. There are some things that I am just baffled about and my new favorite phrase has been, "I am NOT an invalid I'm just pregnant!"