Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Most Important Question

If it wasn't the first question, almost everyone who was told about the Lion would soon ask, "So what team will he root for?"  According to Chris, "It's a Penn State fan, or it gets sent back."  I, obviously, respectfully disagree.  I also think we will NOT go with Sean's suggestion that we place the newborn on top of a fence and see which way it falls.

How will we decide?  By which baby clothes are cutest, of course.  Click on the link to be taken to the site.  So, let's take a look:

Best Notre Dame options:

Best Villanova options:

Penn State:

Ohio State:

Ok, that theory obviously didn't work.  Because I have to admit the Penn State stuff is the cutest.  So, I'll work on another and get back to you.  For now?  A onesie we can all agree on:


  1. Whew! I finally don't have to be super cautious about my comments here anymore. LOL

    And that "took a Michigan" onesie is too funny.

  2. I don't do sports but those are all so cute! Especially the Michigan one HAHA