Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Catch Up #2: Harper's Health

Thank goodness this is in the past!
 Harper has come a long way.  She still is as skinny as a runway model, and you can see her ribs.  She still can't have any treats or fat, and she takes enzymes with every meal.  HOWEVER, she's back to having every ounce of energy she used to, and no longer has to go in for B-12 shots every week...or ever. 

Last week we took her in for follow-up blood work, and have established that all of her levels are as good as they are going to get (meaning no more shots, yay!), and one more very important thing:  WE CAN SPAY HER!!!!  We won't have to go through heat again!  No more diapers!  (at least not for the dog)

Diaper time

So, the poor girl is scheduled to get sliced open on Thursday.  I feel terrible about forcing an animal to go through an "elective" surgery, but not terrible enough to risk adding to the pet population.  Particularly with her genes carrying all these health issues!  (Yes, we have contacted the breeder to let her know what happened, and no, we never heard back.  We do know she's having a very rough time personally right now, though, so, hopefully she just takes it under advisement never to use that stud again.) 

All this new-found energy is causing trouble, though!  Now that the basement is finished we are back to longer walks, but she's still a bit of a maniac.  She LOVED having another dog to play with this past week, but Brutus couldn't keep up with her.  He'd play for awhile, but then want to stop, at which point she would become a kangaroo, and leap over him repeatedly while barking.  Until he hid under the coffee table.  Then she'd just bark at him.  She also can't be left out even as long as it takes for me to shower.  Yesterday, she emptied the entire kitchen garbage can, and shredded or ingested its contents.  Of course, this also meant her digestion was thrown out of whack, and she threw up all over the crate while I was at work, and "picking up her poop" on the walk was impossible. 

So glad my girl's back, though!


  1. Goodness, I know how a high energy dog is! Our weim hasn't figured out how to get the lid off the trash can yet, but he is even more of a wreck if we don't take him out for his walks! I'm sure it will get worse when he gets to be 6 months old, and the hormones it. Good luck!

  2. So glad she's better! I feel for you - we had to go through a heat cycle with our little Cailey and it was NOT fun. Especially with a male dog in the house. His not did not leave her butt at all for the whole month.