Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

I stalled writing this in the hopes that I would come up with some pictures, but as has been all too frequent occurrence recently, I failed to upload any.  The weekend was actually pretty eventful, though.

Friday we WENT OUT TO EAT.  Ok, this may not seem like a big deal to some of you, but it's rare for us.  It wasn't the greatest meal, but I didn't have to cook it, and we just got to sit, talk, and enjoy ourselves.  I demolished entirely too much food, and was a happy, chubby, little weekender.

Saturday was the bigger day.  Matt was at our house by 7:30 am, and then we hit the road to visit State College.  We made pretty good time, got there, and set up our tailgate.  Our neighbors made the mistake of asking Matt about beer, which meant that he talked brewing the entire rest of the afternoon with them, though they admittedly seemed interested.  Chris was harassed about forgetting mustard for the sausages, since Matt and I feel strongly that it is necessary, and Chris thinks condiments are an abomination.  And right before we went into the game, we stopped by the tailgate of Chris's former RA, Kelly, and she was quite persuasive about us needing to try her tacos.  Which of course I did.  You can't wave salsa in front of this girl and get away with it.

The game was, obviously, phenomenal.  Penn State looked terrible in the first half, and the stadium was dead, but a different team took the field the second half.  I don't think anyone in the stands had a voice left.  It was so loud!  It also wasn't ALL that cold.  Of course I was wearing 5 layers, but it was BEARABLE.  We even stayed through the ceremony honoring Joe's 400th win.  The video was incredibly moving, and you really should watch it.  I may have cried.

Mike and Megan (and their boys) watched Harper while we were away, and we're so proud of her!  She is always great with them, but she really had some wonderful moments.  Sam is 1.5?  And Will is 8 months?  I'm guessing.  So, Harper walked with a stroller for the first time, and did well.  Will took her toy, and she sat in front of him, and waited for him to drop it.  And when Mike and Sam took her to the dog park, and other dogs showed up, she sat down next to Sam to protect him from them.  Apparently, there was a lot of Harper-love going on in the house.  I'm so glad, since they had to put down their 9 year old dachshund about 2 weeks ago.  RIP Ziggy! 

The drive home was painful for Chris, as he was exhausted, but he's a rock star.  So...I tried to entertain Harper for a bit before going to sleep, but I didn't last long.  Matt stayed overnight, so the next morning he and Chris went back to tearing out framing, drywall, stairs...everything from the contaminated, moldy basement.  I went and ran some much-needed errands.  More of a typical, busy, weekend day.

Anyway, there's a quick, picture-less (sorry!) weekend update.  Hope yours was great, too!

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