Monday, November 1, 2010

All By My Se-eh-elf

Yes, I was just singing as I typed that.  This weekend, I was all on my own.  And loved it.  Chris wrapped up his test...didn't feel so great about it...and headed off to State College with the boys.  And my car. 

I...did very little.  I did 4 loads of laundry (and then 2 more after Chris got home) because our washer and dryer had been disconnected while the concrete dried in our basement.  For two weeks.  For the first 3 loads, I couldn't figure out why the clothes were coming out boiling hot.  Especially when we run it on "cold".  Then, my brilliant mind bothered to check the water line hook-ups and discovered the contractors had attached them backwards.  Ah...I'm a quick one sometimes. 

I drove Chris's car for the first time by myself!!!  I'm very proud because it is a stick, and it took me entirely too long to learn how to do this.  I stalled it twice, but at least Harper and I survived and made it to the dog park.  And SHE had a big day because I didn't bring a ball and she actually interacted with other dogs!  Gasp!

I'm currently reading The Girl Who Played with Fire.  Enjoying it. 

I watched The Happening, which was filmed right outside my office, and actually almost enjoyed it.  I had heard it was terrible, but it creeped me out enough that I wasn't so thrilled to have watched it by myself, in the dark. 

I had breakfast with a good friend I hadn't seen in a month.  Good times, good times.

I handed out a lot of Halloween candy.  I probably had 100 trick-or-treaters!  My neighborhood must be thought of as a good place to hit.  The dog was insane and barked at every one of them. 

I washed my car after Chris got home because it reeked of boys, beer, and boys who had eaten chili and beer.  It visibly had an entire bottle of beer dumped down the front windshield.  It's better, but I'm still smelling the nastiness today.  The husband may be banned from taking my nice, new car in the future. 

Well, there's a choppy, quick rundown of events.  Hope your weekend was fun, too!

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