Friday, November 12, 2010

So We Have News

So...we have some news.  And...seeing as most of you who read (or that I know read) have already been informed of is not such shocking news.  And...if you're like my Aunt Polly, you'd claim you had already guessed.  A year ago.  Which obviously isn't possible.  Because I'm only three months pregnant.

You heard right.  I'm 12+ weeks along, due May 27th, and entering the 2nd trimester.  Hallelujah!  The first trimester WAS NOT FUN.  AT ALL.  I may have told Chris about a million times that I didn't know why anyone would ever choose to get pregnant, and that I would never do it again.  Fortunately, I don't feel quite as miserable as I did in those early days.  I had it all.  Bad morning sickness, slow "digestion", extreme fatigue, aversions, feeling like my body was taken over by an alien being, that whole she-bang.  That may have been part of why I stopped posting as much.  I was not the most cheerful person from it all, and Harper being sick, and the basement disaster, and Chris studying, and...blah.  And I just couldn't find much else to think about, much less write.

You may remember that I wrote a post for Chris's 30th birthday about how the universe was trying to tell me something, since the whole world was pregnant.  I also said I was choosing not to disclose our thoughts on the matter.  Well, at the time our thoughts were, we'll worry about it after Chris takes his test.  Little did we know that I would take a test THE NEXT DAY that would be positive.  Talk about irony.  Here's what I looked like the day of the test (at 5 weeks pregnant):

Not super different, but here I am today (12 weeks, 2 days):

As for stats....I have LOST 2 pounds.  Ok, I lost FIVE pounds from morning sickness, managed to gain it back, but have been losing again recently (as in 2 pounds THIS week).  ARGH.  I'm really trying to eat, but it doesn't always...go well.  I have been feeling substantially better, and getting sick less frequently, so hopefully things will normalize soon.  I also have started at least walking again.  Running was definitely out for awhile, but I'm hopeful that maybe someday soon I'll be able to?  I jog around the dog park occasionally with Harper.  And that's not too bad.  I am still in regular clothes, though all the size 4's have been retired.  And the 6's are starting to get uncomfortable.  Can I tell you how grateful I am that I lost so much weight last year and have a closet full of 8's?   

As for food...the "Little Lion" as we refer to him/her/it is a definite carnivore.  Vegetarianism was out the window almost immediately.  I wanted animal flesh.  Which still disturbs me, but so be it.  I also can't STAND the sight of vegetables.  Particularly tomatoes.  There are three things guaranteed to make me sick: 1) TOMATOES, 2) Beans, and 3) Cheerios.  Random list, right?  And none of them are guarantees.  Well, except Cheerios.  That's just like taking ipecac.  And poor Chris...he can't STAND the sound of vomiting and will literally RUN to the other end of the house.  There's no hair-holding going on in the Pjoy house!    

How's the Lion doing?  Pretty darn well as far as we know!  We had an ultrasound at 9 weeks (that was actually external, score!) that was MUCH more clear than you'd anticipate.  There was a definite head, body, 4 limbs, and strong heartbeat.  (I'm going with he.  Everyone THINKS the Lion is a "he", and it's easier, so...yeah)  He was also BOUNCING off the walls.  Oh I'm in trouble.  Seriously, already behaving like a ping-pong ball at 9 weeks?  Karma's a b*&%^.  I may have been a hyper-active child myself, and see some tiring days in my future.  We have no reason to believe that anything's wrong, so he's probably still banging away in there.  I have another appointment next week, but no ultrasound.  Hopefully we'll get to hear a heartbeat.  I actually haven't HEARD it yet.  Just seen it.  So I'm anxious for that day.

What's been weird?  Other than everything?  I've turned into Chris with food.  I crave meat and sweets.  Which is the exact opposite of "normal" me.  And I've probably only eaten 3 pickles TOTAL since finding out. just bizarre.  I miss my daily jar.  ;)  Chris has loved it.  He's had every favorite meal.  Although, even he started requesting some vegetarian fare after a few weeks straight of meat.  Which absolutely cracked me up.  Never thought I'd see the day.  However, having all his favorite foods and copious amounts of chocolate around has led to jokes that he will be gaining more weight than me.  I think he's worried.

I guess I'll stop.  I need something to post about in the future.  Glad the cat's out of the bag!


  1. Mary & Keith & MikeyNovember 12, 2010 at 7:33 AM

    wooohooo!! :) lots of love! feel free to call and chat any time.

  2. Congrats!! Enjoy the golden second trimester!

  3. YAY! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! You look SUPER cute! The belly bump suits you - I love the glowy face! You look soooo happpppyyyy. By the way - did I ever tell you that I was POSITIVE that Peanut was a boy while everyone around me was POSITIVE that she was a girl? Yeah...I was wrong :)

  4. Officially! Congratulations SO SO happy for y'all!

  5. Wonderful news, and your little bump of a belly is adorable! I hope you craving for meat passes, though. We are very happy for you and Chris. love, Polly

  6. Congrats! Don't beat yourself up too much over the vegetarianism thing...9 months is a pretty brief period of your life, and maybe the meat cravings will lessen up as you go.

  7. Ooohh Congrats! Thanks for sharing these pics!