Friday, November 19, 2010

Week 13

This picture should also be known as "I know I look like crap, I was just spackling for 2 hours, then got dragged down a hill on my butt by that terror in the corner".  Ok, maybe that's a little long.  We'll just call it 13 weeks.  I know I look smaller here.  I promise, I'm not shrinking, it's the work clothes.

It's not entirely Harper's fault that she's currently a maniac.  We have not been exercising her as much as she needs.  I have felt too sick, and Chris has been spending every second he can find trying to finish the basement before Thanksgiving.  Obviously, we're doing pretty well, since we're on to spackling.

So...few stats/questions:

How am I feeling?  Still not great.  Gotten sick at least once a day every day this week.  Woo!

Weight gain?  We're up to 1.5 pounds on the official doctor scale.  Right where I should be.

How's the Lion?  No trouble finding the heartbeat on Wednesday, and he was still moving around like crazy, so the doctor kept having to chase him down.  Sounds like all is well.

Highlight of the week?  Reassuring appointment

Low-point of the week?  Well, two different times.  Same scenario.  Chris asks me to do something, I say, "If I do I will puke."  He says, "I really need you to do it."  And...whammo.  Once was "move my car" and the other was "hold this piece of drywall."  Sigh.  I'm useless. 

But...guess what...MY PARENTS ARRIVE TONIGHT!!!!  Maybe my mother will finally believe that I can't just "decide" I'm not sick anymore.  Think she was joking.  I'm just still really ready for morning sickness to be over.   


  1. YAY Happy 13 weeks! :) Sucks you're still sick :(

  2. Hopefully the sickness will pass soon. I hate that feeling and always feel for anyone going through it.