Monday, November 22, 2010

Baby Showers

No, not mine, obviously!  Little soon for that!  This weekend I went to my friend Cathy's baby shower, where I got some much-needed, but somewhat terrifying perspective from one picture:

This is the "Pregnant Ladies" photo from the shower.  Four of us were pregnant.  Christine (8 months), Cathy (6 months), Jessie (8 months), and me (3 months)...  I look like I snuck into the picture!  Admittedly I intentionally wore a flowy dress that hid everything, but still!  I had felt huge already until I saw this. 

It was such a great shower!  Mrs. G, Christine, and Catherine did a wonderful job hosting, and I hope mine is half as fun!  Here's a selection of pictures:

Congrats, you guys!


  1. I am completely in love with that cake - and next to those women you look tiny!

  2. YOU LOOK AMAZING! Incredible! So glowy :) I love it! ps- I had a monkey cake too!!! Check it out