Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sick Puppy

We have the most energetic, happy, "sick" dog that you'll ever see.  For about a week, Harper had been very congested, sluggish, and puking at random intervals.  Last night, after cleaning up the family room floor, I was fed up.  We suspected it was just allergies, but decided to go visit the vet.  The vet pretty much agreed that it was allergies or a virus, but also that she may have developed an ulcer from the "stress" of the drastic weather change.  My 6 month old has an ULCER.  Ridiculous.  How stressful can the life of a dog be?

*Flashback photo*

Long and short of it is that she's on antacids and is to be fed "GI friendly" foods.  Meaning chicken and rice made in low-sodium chicken broth.  You'd think this dog had died and gone to heaven.  She went from not eating to WOLFING the food down.  How we're ever going to get her back on kibble is to be seen.  She is SUCH a fan of chicken and rice, that she is now scavenging the counters at all times.  And even managed to score herself a loaf of freshly baked bread.  GRR.  This morning, the dog was BEYOND energetic and happy.  Apparently, her stomach really was upset.  However, I might prefer puppy with a tummy ache to the bread-stealing mad woman we now have!  ;)

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