Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Grilled Pizzas

Ok, here is where I become a giant hypocrit and after saying I try not not use preprocessed foods...I get lazy.  This is about PROCESS ok?  ;)  My ingredients:

Notice my Wegman's pizza dough and cheese, and Don Pepino's pizza sauce.  Sigh.  Can't all be perfect.  The funky looking container in the back is frozen  pesto I made from my crop of basil last year.

First, roll out some dough.  Or if you're more talented than me, toss it.  This is NOT a skill I have.  You're looking for just about as thin as you can get it.  1/4" or less.

Put them on a floured or corn-mealed sheet for transport.

Throw them on an oiled, heated grill.  Chris had to remind me not to spray oil on a lit grill.  That would've been cute.  Let them go until they puff up and start to get some grill lines, and flip them.  They don't have to fully cook at this point, but you want some stability, and they won't be on super long after getting toppings, so, at least a few minutes a side.

This is a pesto and tomato pizza per the recommendation of Kat at Living Like the Kings and based on a Pioneer Woman recipe.  She didn't grill hers, but there's my twist.

Couple of "boring" cheese pizzas per the recommendation of Chris. personal favorite...and potentially what I could live off of the rest of my life...Hawaiian Pizza using leftover ham and pineapple from our Easter dinner.

Throw them back on the grill until all the toppings are heated and the cheese is melted.  Here's the final products:

Gotta say that I REALLY love grilled pizzas, and, not surprisingly, preferred the Hawaiian.  The pesto one...was alright, but wasn't FLOORED or anything.  I actually didn't try the cheese because, well, sorry Chris, BORING.  :)  Highly recommend it to any of the rest of you dying for pizza, but not wanting to turn on the oven in NINETY DEGREE HEAT.  And yes, we're supposed to hit 90 today.  On April 7.  WTF?

On a related note, we've had to move the dog crate down to the basement because we don't want her to die.  We don't use air conditioning often.  At all.  Especially not in April.  But...UGH!


  1. By the way - in the summer, we also keep the dogs in the basement. We don't have AC and the basement is a perfect 55 degrees all year long pretty much.

  2. I'm going to have to try grilled pizzas, after I buy a grill that is, haha.

  3. You have to try Pioneer Woman's pizza dough recipe. It's super easy - the hardest part is remembering to make it up the night before. It's amazing.

    Maybe we'll try grilling pizzas next time!

  4. We shop at Wegman's too. - Quynh