Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Post-Easter

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter!  It was quite quiet here.  Chris had to study, so we did not have any company.  Went to church, brunch, walked the dog, ran errands, and then built our vegetable garden.  Was a beautiful day celebrating rebirth in every sense. 

Also, this is post 101!  Didn't realize I had done 100.  I thought about doing a give-away, but it really would be silly.  It'd be approximately a 1 in 4 chance.  So...just know I appreciate all of you who read!

Here's an early shot of my flowers starting to grow.  This rabbit is a Jim Shore.  If you don't know who he is, PLEASE check out his website.  I find his creations some of the most adorable things out there.  My collection of Christmas ornaments is actually getting to the point that Chris thinks we need a display case.  They're a little heavy, and tend to bend the branches on the tree.  Still...LOVE.  


  1. As much as I love a big celebration, a quiet one is good too. Glad you had a happy Easter.

  2. Roughly 6 years ago my mom came home from a business trip to California with an entire Jim Shore nativity scene that she'd seen and immediately falled in love with and carted all the way home. That started my own obsession, though I haven't seen that bunny before - it's adorable!

  3. The had an ...entire... aisle of Lowe's dedicated to Jim Shore garden kitsch. So amazed I only left with the rabbit.

  4. Get yourself a stat tracker. You'll be surprised at how many lurkers you have. I get between 50-70 hits a day, but average only about 4-7 comments per post.