Monday, April 26, 2010

Chris's Bachelor Party

Obviously, this will be picture-free, and very lacking in detail, but I can't post how the girls spent their weekend, because I don't have the pictures from Cathy yet.  :) 

Chris and 4 friends went to the Penn State Blue & White game this past weekend.  They left Friday around lunch, and got home Sunday around lunch.  There was drinking, football watching, food,  No, not cruising the malls.  Rather, cruising the shops downtown that sell Penn State gear.  Chris brought home a bandanna for the dog, and yet ANOTHER jersey.  Sheesh.  At least he didn't buy the Nittany Lion shrine he's been eying forever.  I know one day I'll pull in to the driveway and our front yard will be filled with lion.  Little paranoid of when it will happen, actually.

They tailgated 3 rows from the stadium, and landed some amazing seats once inside.  I did get text messages with those pictures.  They amazingly did not stay for the whole game because it was starting to rain.  I frankly believe that Chris must be a pod person, because I can't imagine him missing a second of football.  After the game, they went to dinner, where they ran into a couple players that are incoming freshmen next year, and Chris apparently spent quite awhile talking to one of their parents.  This seemingly made his weekend. 

I must say, the guys did an awesome job putting together a weekend that really fit Chris.  He's far from the type that would enjoy the stereotypical Vegas weekend or something like that, so this was perfect.  Glad you all had a great time!

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  1. What happens in State College stays in State College. I do regret not taking a few pics at the tailgate of the group of guys. However, I'm sure Chris' lovely wife won't mind us recreating the situation, beer and all.. just for photos!!