Thursday, April 22, 2010


This may look like nothing because of the quality of the phone on my camera, but I'm dying.  REALLY.  Ok, exaggeration.  I am covered in a bumpy red rash right now though.  Took some Benadryl.  Got woozy.  It's spread EVERYWHERE.  Between my fingers is particularly annoying.  Doctor friends diagnose poison ivy or oak from description, which means...I just have to suffer.  Blah.  I'll stop my whining.  And sit here and itch.  AHHHHH. 


  1. My husband gets poison ivy from just looking at it and he swears by just plain alcohol. He says it helps dry it up really quick.

  2. Oh no! That sounds miserable. I'm not a qualified M.D. of course but I would prescribe margaritas and chocolate.

    Margaritas and chocolate cure most things. :)

  3. I whole-heartedly accept your diagnosis. I will try all 3 remedies. :)