Friday, April 9, 2010

"Katy" Food

Chris and I do not share a palate.  In my dream world, I would eat a largely vegetarian diet, heavy on the veggies, admittedly heavy in salt content, and few sweets.  Chris's ideal menu would have lots of meat, sweets, and a mix of traditional Americana, with some Slovene food thrown in.  It's a little bizarre, actually.  He's changing a bit but was never an adventurous eater.  Meat and potatoes...or, since his family immigrated within the past couple generations, stuffed cabbage and peppers, keilbasa, and a few other less commonly consumed foods HERE, but he thinks of as entirely normal. 

Here's a typical breakfast that I eat, but Chris finds pretty disgusting.  Typically, I'd try and use 1 egg white, and 1 egg, but I was starving after my exercise class this morning and went crazy with 2 whole eggs.  Scramble them with a lot of chopped broccoli (or sometimes asparagus or spinach), and throw in about an ounce of feta cheese.  I think this tastes incredible.  Chris...I would have to bribe him heavily to even try it.

Here is my lunch from yesterday.  Again, Chris's response was "ew", and I enjoyed it a lot.  It was inspired by a post Jaden of Steamy Kitchen did on Tasty Kitchen.  When it went up yesterday, I immediately craved it...but only had ham and strawberries out of their lengthy list of ingredients.  So, I improvised.  Still a melty, delicious sandwich I made in a sandwich maker.  My ingredients:

Wheat bread
Swiss Cheese
Zesty Honey Mustard

I know.  Sounds a little weird, but I sure enjoyed it.  And...of course a picture.    

Now, of course, the dog is wanting to go out before I leave for work.  Gotta hurry up.

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  1. I would eat either your eggs or your sandwich over kielbasa ANY day.