Saturday, April 3, 2010

How Things Change

Matron of Honor Quynh, Nikki, T, me (rare photo w/ girls)

Once upon a time, I may have been a social creature.  I truly enjoyed going out.  Frequently.  Honestly, I can't really imagine having the energy anymore!  Chris has never really known this side of me.  I moved to Philly, didn't know anyone, and started dating him almost right away.  He's a homebody.  He certainly has friends, but it's not the crowd that I used to hang out with.  Although, I must say, they are all successful professionals, many of whom are now married, and probably aren't the same people anymore, either.  Oh well.  Montage of days gone by:

Frank, me, Scott, Hannah (bridesmaid)

Matt, Joel, me (Joel & my 26th bday, NOT St. Pat's)

My "twin" Joel.  Same bday, known each other since we were 11, had the same class schedule through HS.  Again, this was our 26th birthday.  Was probably the most fun bday EVER.

With Adam.  So proud!  He just got cast as a "romantic vampire" in a feature film.  Think this was a Christmas party in '06?  Seem to like this pose...

My going away party when I moved away.  :(  Jeremy and Andy.

I miss everyone!  Hope you all remember me!  Ha!  I believe MOST of you will be at the wedding.  Better be!  Ah...good times.

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