Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our New Favorite Game

That title is an absolute mis-nomer.  Chris's favorite game has ALWAYS been football.  He has delayed taking portions of his engineering certification in the fall so that he doesn't miss a single second of a single game.  This is not an exaggeration.  Thursday through Saturday, the television is on, and Chris is watching the game, whether it is a relevant team like Penn State, Ohio State or Notre Dame (our alma maters), or some team I personally wouldn't choose to follow.  So be it.  I knew what I was getting into. 

What IS new is the dog's love of football.  She first discovered a deflated ball at the dog park one day.  It was flat, disgusting, and covered in mud and slober.  Regardless, it became her new obsession.  And the obsession of a few other dogs (hi, Bruno the Boxer!).  I would happily run around with my nutty little team, and get coated in filth. 

We decided that it was time to give Harper a football of her own.  The problem is that we don't feel comfortable throwing the football in the house.  There would be too many accidents.  A television might be sacrificed in the process.  (Not that Chris would mind this.  He's been campaigning for a bigger, better model for awhile.) 

Harper is good about knowing that she is only allowed in our back yard when she is off leash.  It still scares me, though.  We're installing a fence soon, and already had the yard surveyed for it, but right now?  She could escape if she so chose.  Consequently, the pictures are bittersweet.  Ok, they're darn cute, but I worry.