Thursday, June 30, 2011

Family Time

Oh my, the last couple of days have been crazy, but I'll spread that out over a few posts.  Short summary involves the typical angelic then fussy baby, returning to work, going to the emergency room, and Monster getting into a very bad fight.  But I'll just start with there being a lot of visitors.

My parents were obviously here to watch Robby during the wedding, but then on Saturday my brother and sister-in-law came down for the first time.  They were a very enthusiastic aunt and uncle, although I think the visit re-affirmed their decision that they're not ready for kids yet.  And Brutus, the bulldog, is TOO enthusiastic.  He knocked my mother over trying to get to the crying baby.  They certainly thought he was cute, but were uncomfortable when he got fussy.  At least my brother got to change his first diaper!  And, since I have to catch up on errands since other things have occupied my time...I'll just leave you with pictures.


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  1. awww I love the pics! And Robby is getting SO BIG!!! AND SO CUTE!!!!!