Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Controlling the Flow of Visitors

A new mom has a split personality.  She both desperately wants to show of her newborn, but also wants to keep him all for herself.  These two extremes create a precarious balance for what is already a delicate emotional time.  Honestly, the blog world allows for thorough bragging without making me relinquish my death-grip, doesn't it?  Kidding, kidding.

We're slowly learning what we can and can't handle.  If I go a week without seeing people?  Not so great.  I start feeling alone, and like the world is passing me by.  However, through trial and error, we have come to realize that 3 sets of visitors in a row will lead to me sitting in a corner and crying because I haven't gotten to hold my son in too many days.  Also, not such a pretty picture.  Therefore, we have established that balance, above all, is key.

I somehow managed to miss taking pictures of both my Uncle Peter, and my mother-in-law when she was here most recently, but they were both tremendous helps.  Here is a little peek at other people that have come by.

GREAT great-grandparents

Hard to believe that Dean was born at the same weight as Robby only 2.5 months ago!  They grow so fast!!! (Man, I need to bother drying my hair sometimes)

Don't they look like a family?  So cute.

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