Monday, June 13, 2011

The Lion at 3 Weeks

One of these days I'll get back to posting more than just the weekly update.  Been a little busy recently.  I'm trying, really I am.

Every day, Robby continues to wake up a little more, be a little more interactive, and, thank goodness, a little less fussy.  (Though, right now he's screaming.  Must go get him....Returning many hours later.)    


He continues to get stronger and will now rock to his sides while on his back, but he can't turn his head to the other side to look at you yet.  Though I drove him nuts talking to him from behind his back this morning.  He holds his head up longer and longer, and can sometimes manage to grasp things that interest him, like hair, necklaces, pacifiers, or toys.  Not always, though.


Cleaning up my diet has helped quiet a bit, as has tracking his behaviors.  I'm quicker to catch hunger or dirty diaper cues, which avoids any meltdowns that are related to them.  He still has gas, or boredom, or overtired, or whatever it might be meltdowns in the evening, if nothing else, though.  Last night he lost it, being much too tired, and ended up keeping himself awake for many hours past his typical 9pm bedtime.  That was less than fun.  I'm not sure what I learned to prevent it, though.


He's gotten quite pudgy!  Well, as pudgy as a 9 pound-something 3-week-old can be.  He's outgrown newborn clothing and diapers, which actually saddened me a little bit.  The first milestone of many that shows he's growing up!  He's responding more when you talk to him, reacts to his name, my voice, and his favorite songs.  He LOVES the "flying monkeys" that hang over his pack-n-play.  We're starting to see some flickers of what seem like real smiles, but I'm not sure.  It'd be a little early, but who knows with him.  I haven't been reading any "real" books to him, yet, and I don't know when people usually do, but I have certainly started reading some of my books to him, just because he likes the sound of my voice.  So, if you want to know what Dr. Oz says about parenting, Sookie Stackhouse is up to, or Crawley's latest failure at being a demon is, he's your  (Currently simultaneously reading You: Raising your child, From Dead to Worse, and Good Omens)

Generally, it's been a pretty good week, even if it's kept me on my toes.  Here's to hoping for continued good cheer!

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  1. He is getting cuter and cuter!!!! I love those photos. Isn't it insane how exciting every single new thing is? Thanks for posting! Miss your posts but totally understand how busy life gets.