Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Successful 4th of July Roadtrip

The Lion took his first roadtrip this weekend, and all of my fears turned out to be unfounded.  I feared that his sleep schedule would be terribly thrown off, that it would be exhausting for us, and that the car ride would be miserable.  In a word....nope.

The car ride up was especially not painful.  It's about a 2 hour trip to Chris's parents, and Robby slept almost the entire way, and only popped his eyes open once we were already in the town.  Score!  He settled in at Grandma & Grandpa's house, and Grandma happily cuddled the lil guy.  (Notice you can actually SEE me in a picture.  Chris took one!)

Soon enough, we headed over to a picnic at Chris's Aunt Margie's house, and the entire extended family got their turn.  Surprisingly, Robby's biggest fan was his 2nd cousin, Will.  I wish he lived closer because he offered a bunch of times to babysit.  Though, perhaps 11 is a little young.  ;)

And, of course, his sister wasn't going to be left out.

Harper enjoyed the trip, too, mostly because she got to steal Misty's toys.  She didn't last long at the lake house because certain Schnauzers (hmm hmm Monty) were picking on her.  Though she happily jumped in a few times before she had to go home.

 So, Misty just took over guard duty.

Robby slept well, both in people's arms and in his pack n play at night, only waking up 2 times.  But it was Chris's first time sleeping in the same room as the baby and getting woken up.  He was "exhausted".  I think one night in 6 weeks is pretty darn nice.

The ride home was less fun and involved some screaming, but generally, the trip was a smashing success, and WORE A BOY OUT.  He slept 12 hours last night with only one wake-up at 4:45.  By 8 I was checking if he was alive.  He finally joined the living world at 9.  Sheesh.  Must be nice.  Now if only I could quit CHECKING on him a million times a night, I'd be well rested.

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