Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Lion at 2 Weeks

This week has been a little less fun than the previous week, but we're working on it. Robby has been FUSSY. But he's still cute. And that counts for a lot around here.


Still...eat, poop, sleep. In any order or combination. We've figured out that he doesn't necessarily need to eat every time he says he does, and that a pacifier will work just fine when he's just trying to soothe himself. Because of that, we're down to feeding around every 3 hours, though it's often more frequent during the day, and less frequent at night. I need to start keeping a journal again to try and figure out what really is going on, because quite honestly? I've totally lost track of time at this point.

Proof of Genius

Actually, we haven't really had developments this week. He continues to hold his head up a little better and focuses on your face if your close, but hasn't figured out string theory or anything. We're absolutely disappointed in him on that front. ;)  Oh, and he might now be completely rolling from front to back.  He did it 4 times in a row while I was writing this.  So no coincidence.  We're in trouble.

Why he's cute

His newborn rash has cleared up pretty well, as has the clogged tear duct.  He makes funny little gremlin noises, and is VERY interactive with his facial expressions when you talk to him.  He enjoys being sang to, especially if it's a lower-pitched jazz standard like "Stormy Weather" or "Suppertime".  Chris claims he loves "Creola" by Jimmy Buffett, though I haven't witnessed it.  He's developing a bit of a gut, and weighed in at a whopping 8 pounds 6.5 ounces when he was at the doctor last Wednesday, so we're betting he's close to 9 pounds by now.


It's still pretty good, but not necessarily consistent. I continue to wake up entirely too frequently to check on him, even if he's not awake, so I've managed to exhaust myself. We also may have overdone activity this weekend with lots of visitors and things going on, so by last night I was a hysterical mess sitting in the nursery with tears streaming down my face as I nursed him. Poor Chris was a little uncertain what to do, but insisted that I go to sleep and he and his mom would take over, even if it meant using formula for the next few hours. It didn't, and I took him back at 1 am, but it was nice to get a couple hours of uninterrupted sleep. I still don't think any of it's "baby blues" or depression, it's just plain old exhaustion.

The Bad and the Ugly

The Lion screamed from Saturday through to today. Without many breaks. He had VERY bad gas, and then would get himself so worked up over it that there was no calming him. I took him on many walks, and yesterday, not even the stroller worked. I ended up carrying him as I pushed an empty stroller. We're seeing if eliminating gassy foods like beans and broccoli from MY diet will help, but beyond that we're a little mystified.


  1. hang in there! I think after we went through the first week newborn sleepy stage, AM cried for like 2 weeks straight. we did all we knew how to do...including me nursing her WHILE swinging her. that always seemed to do the trick but keep trying different stuff and yall with figure out what works! get some rest and keep loving that sweet boy!

  2. Peanut was SUPER fuss-monster from 2- 8 weeks. Then things got better every single day and now she's a ray of sunshine. Seriously. Also lol @ Gremlin noises.