Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our First Night Out

The Lion's a month old, so it's time to dump him with a baby sitter, right?  ;)  By babysitter, I mean exceptionally eager grandparents who drove 8 hours to watch him while we went to our friends Mark & Jen's wedding.  It seemed like a worthy occasion to try and get out of the house.

It was wonderful getting all snazzed up, and I was so excited that I had my parents bring all my old law prom dresses up from Ohio.  I fit in everything...except my bridesmaid's dress from my brother's wedding.  It looked fantastic...except that the *hmm hmm* very top wouldn't zip.  I suppose that's an ok place to have gained weight from 5 years ago.  

I was in trouble because I was running late, but I've got to blame the Lion.  Selfish little guy wanted to eat.  I suppose I can forgive that.  We left 8 oz with my parents when we left at 5pm, assuming he'd be asleep by 8:30.  Well...he was, but (spoiler) HE ATE ALL 8 OZ IN 3 HOURS.  No wonder the 3 month clothes are already tight.  Sheesh!  Anyway, we had asked forgiveness from the bride to miss the ceremony because of logistic difficulties, and arrived at the reception, as it turned out, 1/2 an hour early.  So there had been no need to stress about lateness.

Soon the doors opened and we headed into the cocktail hour.  And, of course, here are the obligatory pictures of Cathy.  You'd think it was her blog, right?  She was pointing to which positions we were assigned to at our "Padres" table.  (We were assigned that team because of all the new fathers.)  We had joked that Cathy, Chris and I were unloved as we were at the bottom as pitchers...but then we realized Tim was a Pinch Hitter and felt superior.

Yes, I was trying to look crazy.

I know, not the greatest picture, but it's the best one I have of her dress.  Which is exactly what I would have pictured her in and was perfect.

Also perfect for the couple?  The Star Wars groom's cake.

And before you think I'm the only crazy one.  View Tim in the wresting mask that everyone was passing around.  I refused to put it on because of my "other people's sweat" aversion.  Ew!

Exciting events involved having to pump in the car in the middle of the evening and getting honked at.  Really? I'm hoping it was for some other reason.  I was covered, and not being inappropriate at all.  I was fairly embarrassed.  Also?  The groom is a damn good dancer.  Didn't know that.  Impressive.  Long and short of it?  I had a wonderful time, the grandparents, while frustrated that they couldn't get Robby to quit crying for 3 hours, survived and still think he's the greatest grandchild ever.  AND Robby slept for 12 hours that night.  With only one hour awake in the middle.  Which was nice after being out.  So, the evening was a success, and



  1. Yay Katy for getting out and having fun! Jen looked fantastic and you're right...who knew Mark could dance like that?

    I had a ton of fun that nice to get out and have fun w/ the hubby and friends without the baby! I'll send you my pics when I return to Philly.

  2. Yay for first night out! It looks like you had an amazing time! ps- OMG YOU LOOK AWESOME!!!!!! Congrats!!! I did not lose everything in the first month!!!! GO YOU. Must be due to you being awesome and a little bit because your little dude is such a good eater. Peanut is, well, a peanut and still doesn't eat 8 oz in 3 hours...she barely gets through 16 during her 9 hours at daycare!