Friday, March 18, 2011

Week 30 Update

Well, this week has been a little crazy.  Which you might have guessed because of the lack of posts.  But it's been crazy in an "I've been mostly stuck on the couch" kind of way, so I don't really have an excuse, other than I didn't have pictures or much exciting.  Other than, of course, what I'm writing now, I suppose.

Starting Monday night, I was cramping pretty badly.  Not in any way that I could count as so many minutes apart, though, so I tried to ignore it and go on with my business.  It continued on Tuesday, and we got some pretty bad news that stressed me out.  Tuesday afternoon, I started throwing up along with the stronger cramping.  I did call the doctor, and she told me to come in if it didn't stop, but of course being the stubborn mule that I am...I ignored her.  Wednesday, still cramping, still throwing up, pretty miserable, but was holding out until my regularly scheduled that appointment that night.  Which Chris insisted on going to because he thought I'd just gloss over what was going on.  Psshhh.  What would make him think that?

We go into the appointment, and about 5 seconds after I start telling her what was going on, she decided to check my cervix and tell me that I was going over to the hospital to get put on a monitor.  The cervix was still entirely closed, and the monitoring just determined that everything was fine.  There was only one little blip on the line checking for contractions, so that's pretty normal, and the lines monitoring the baby showed a perfectly normal, though very active little boy.  Apparently his heart rate showed that he was "advanced", though, as it was already varying in a way that usually fits with one that was further along?  I don't know exactly what that means, but my mom joked that she knew he was intelligent.  Pretty sure that's NOT what it meant. 

Anyway, they pretty much decided that I just have a stomach bug, and as long as things don't get worse, that there's nothing to worry about.  So, I feel silly, though Chris says I'm not allowed to, and need to acknowledge that sometimes I need to not be so tough. 

But...current update stuff.  Pictures (I promise one of these days I'll make Chris take a decent one):

At least in pictures, I still think I look fairly thin (minus the belly), though I feel huge.  People have FINALLY started commenting that I look pregnant.  Sheesh.  Took long enough.

How am I feeling now?  Pretty good.  Still a little achey but in a more normal way.

What am I wearing?  This is not a happy question.  I had to go out and find some LARGER maternity clothes.  I really haven't gained that much weight, but seemingly my giant belly makes fitting in clothing difficult.

How much weight have I gained?  Ugh.  I'm up 23 pounds.  Still in the acceptable range...if I can hold it to a pound a week (like you're supposed to) from now on.  Trying.  But may have eaten 2 cupcakes last night.

How's the Lion?  ACTIVE.  Continuously, active.  And getting stronger.  You can definitely see the movements externally as he goes to town.  He seems to be head down if I'm right about what are feet and what are hands.  And, it's pretty easy now as you can usually feel the entire appendage.

So, all in all things are going well, but I'd like to avoid going back to labor & delivery for at least another 7 weeks if the kiddo doesn't mind.    


  1. You look GREAT! And glad you got checked out. Those can sometimes be signs of labor so better safe than sorry. Hope you're feeling much better!

  2. This comment is for Chris. Dear Chris. Please take the belly pics from now on because the flash is totally killing the shot. The end. (ps- so glad you're ok!)

  3. PPS- It's totally 100% more important that you're ok obviously :) but ya know....the pictures

  4. I am so glad Chris made you go! Next time just go! I'm so happy to hear everything is okay.

  5. Hope you're feeling better! And you've got a darn cute belly, there! Mine is just huge...

  6. You look great! So sorry you've been sick- but thanks for keeping us posted!
    PS. Totally agree with Kat regarding the flash! :)