Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Very Happy Birthday

This past weekend we celebrated my dear friend Kelle's birthday.  I lived next to her multiple years of college, and since one of those we both had singles, you might as well say we were roommates.  She is genuinely one of the most kind-hearted people I know, and really teaches me a lot about being a good friend.  (well, attempts to...I still am awful about calling people)  I only learned Saturday, though, that she is an incredibly talented photographer, and you should see the pictures she has hanging on her walls!

The most important thing about her party?  Let's show the 2 pictures I took:

She had a great time, and her friends are such funny people that they kept her in stiches!  I had never met them before, and it's been awhile since I hung out with a group of lawyers, but I must say they are a great crowd.  Even if one of them, yet again, said, "Oh!  I didn't realize you were pregnant" when I said something in conversation.  C'mon!  I'll be 28 weeks tomorrow.  STILL nothing!??!?  Guess that's not her fault, but I'm ready for people to not think I'm making my "uncomfortable face" for no good reason. 

Also to be recognized, is that cake you see.  The idea for the party is that each one of us would bring a pot luck dish that began with the same letter as our first name.  Dave brought "dessert".  Kelle, thinking she was being goofy, sent out an email with a whole bunch of desserts that she enjoys, and Dave decided that he would try to combine them.  Fortunately, he stopped at 3 because adding in lemon would've been weird.  This was his first time EVER baking, and he was fantastically successful in making his 1) Red Velvet Cake, with 2) Reeses Cups in the layers, and 3) Chocolate for the icing.  Maybe it was helpful that he hadn't baked before, because I don't know how many people would have been so ambitious!

And, for those that were curious, I brought "Kebabs" of fruit with the following dip:

Blend together the following:
8 ounces cream cheese
1/2 cup marshmallow creme
2 cups frozen whipped topping, thawed
1/4 cup unsweetened pineapple juice

 Chill after combining.  That's it! 

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  1. The cake sounds AWESOME! Red Velvet & Reeses?! WHOA ;)