Sunday, March 13, 2011

Baby Shower: Ohio

Originally, the plan was to only have a baby shower in Philly, but so many people said that they weren't able to make the trek, but would like to see me that I ended up coming out to Ohio for the weekend.  What resulted was a quickly thrown together party, that happened to involve some presents.  The men largely avoided pictures, and had a wonderful time watching basketball, while the ladies gathered on the other side of the house to ooh and ahh over cute baby stuff.  Chris didn't come with me, and seemingly thought this was more of a typical "shower", because he had texted me by 7:30 asking how it went.  HA!  At around 11:30 I finally got back to him.  This was more of a beer and basketball event than onesies and shower games.  Though people were certainly generous and the Lion is starting to be well-decked-out.

Yummy cupcakes.  Other food included platters of sandwiches, fruits, veggies, pulled pork, mac n cheese, cookies and brownies, salad, etc...  Along with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.  Y'know...typical party a la my parents.  They know how to have a good time. 

My mother attempted her first diaper cake, and did a fabulous job.  SO cute.

YAY baby bjorn.  Very glad to have this.  I suspect we will wear it until it gives out.

ABSOLUTE FAVORITE THING EVER!!!  Michelle of course was in Key West and couldn't see me open it, but it's SO friggnin adorable.  It's a bag shaped like a barn, that has about a dozen barn-yard animals inside.  They're all so cute, and I'm sure will be a favorite toy of the Lions.  Just because I love it and will have it out for myself all the time regardless of what he thinks. 

Lots of lovely, wonderful people, and yes, believe it or not, that picture 2 up really was the best one of my mom.  And, as I said, the men were all hiding, though we'd hear them cheering from time to time.

And, lastly, a piece of the nursery theme.  We're doing jungle animals playing sports using "Team Safari" from Lambs & Ivy.  Can't wait to finally start assembling. 

Obviously, there were a lot of other wonderful things, but I know if I put pictures of every outfit none of you will ever return.  So, I'll just have to get cute pictures of the kiddo in them once he's wearing clothes!  Thank you all again!

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