Monday, March 21, 2011

Views on Prenatal Exercise

Most of the world (including doctors, experienced mothers, and the like) all say that exercise during pregnancy is vital.  It also is supposed to make labor go much more smoothly.  Now, I'm not disputing this, but I am going to run afoul from the typical blogger perspective of running a marathon in month 8.  Ok, that's an exaggeration, but it does seem like EVERYONE is able to pull of incredible feats of strength much later than humanly possible.

My experience?  Nuh uh.  I have not run a single day since getting pregnant.  I occasionally run around the dog park with Harper, or there was one evening when I attempted to run to the grocery store (which is diagonally across the street), but that is the grand total.  I try and go on the dog walks (about 2 miles), but I can't even handle that about 1/2 the time.  Sundays, I supposedly go to a yoga class, but I usually forget, and I've only been 6 times, and done a video twice.  All this adds up to...a very out-of-shape mom-to-be. 

Then I went to Ohio last weekend.  We had put our gym membership on hold here initially because I was too sick, and then because we couldn't spend the money.  But at my parents'?  You can buy a day pass for $4.  I was OVERJOYED.  I noted that I had been on a treadmill and at a weightlifting class last Friday...but then went BACK later that day to swim (20 laps).  And then Saturday, I swam a full 1/2 mile!

I LOVED getting the chance to swim, and really wish I could here.  I'm tempted to go claim a free week trial membership at a local gym.  However, this leads to where Chris gets concerned.  So...last Saturday's little jaunt.  I was feeling good.  Around lap 28 or so I started to really feel it, and knew I should stop, but I was too close to my goal.  And the deep water aerobics class had come in and the music was making the Lion dance along, and I couldn't stop laughing.  His favorite song was this:

But then I was so sick last week.  Chris attributes this to me wearing myself out.  Maybe, but I'm not convinced.  What did NOT prove my point, though, was yesterday.

We went to the dog park for the FOURTH day in a row, trying to wear out Harper.  I proceeded to run a lot.  It was hilarious that a weimaraner decided that he needed to protect me.  Even from Harper.  But also desperately wanted to run and play with both of us.  But if Harper got too close to me, he'd frantically throw his body in between us.  I'll give HIM credit for knowing I was pregnant, even if my dog isn't clear on anything other than the fact that I smell different.  That evening, I actually remembered to go to yoga...and proceeded to throw up in the middle of class.  Not in front of people, but I did have to make a mad dash to the bathroom.  Therefore, Chris is convinced that if I try to work out too much, my body rebels.

I suppose this is possible, but I've got to incorporate some sort of activity in my life.  Though, perhaps not in the all-or-nothing way I've been doing it.   

Any thoughts on how this flabby preggo chick should proceed?


  1. i think exercise is great, but if you havent been doing it in a while you may want to build up slowly and not rush into any crazy new workout program. keep working out, but try to go slow and remember - your body will tell you when to stop!

  2.'re 30 weeks pregnant and you did all that???? Hahahaha! At 30 weeks pregnant I'm pretty sure I managed to get from my bed to the couch...not really, I'm probably exaggerating, but it felt like that. Anyways, I've heard of people exercising all through their pregnancy...I used pregnancy as an excuse to not exercise. But, then again, I also puked for the entire 9, my abs, at least, got a workout!