Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Insane Lenten Promise

I'm practicing my deep breathing that I learned during the birthing classes as I reveal what I'm giving up for Lent.  Isn't being pregnant and giving up alcohol, and sushi, and caffeine, and everything else enough?!?!?  Sadly, that's not how I roll.  I've always felt that if you're going to make a sacrifice, it needs to be something that you actually think about and brings to mind why you are commiting yourself to this "adventure" in the first place.

I have gone so overboard in years past that it included "all junk food" or "no snacking" and the like, but I think this year may be the hardest of them all.  I...am giving up television.  Kind of.  I have decided that I watch WAY too much, it's not something I want in my house once the Lion is born, and I need to break the habit.  In fairness to Chris, and to make it so that I have a chance of success, however, I am more accurately giving up the remote.  This means that I no longer will be able to turn it on as mindless background noise during the day, and while HE can turn it on in the evenings, I have zero say in what he chooses to watch.  Therefore, let me lament the shows that I know will not be part of his line-up.

Face Off is absolutely my favorite show on television right now.  For those of you that missed it because it's on Syfy, it's a competition between special effect make-up artists.  What is particularly unfair about this is that they're down to 5 contestants?  I think?  Only a couple of episodes left.  Chris did watch the most recent episode with me and didn't complain, so MAYBE there's a chance...but I doubt it.

Now, I just think of this as birth prep.  Which is useful, right?  I don't LOVE the show, but it's filmed at the hospital that I candy-striped at in my youth, and does seem a bit more realistic than a lot of the "reality" birth shows out there.  Chris doesn't even want to be in the room when I give birth, much less watch as other women do, though.  No chance in hell of him turning this on.

Ok, there might be a slim chance that I get to see Hawaii Five-O.  Chris might like it, though I normally watch recorded episodes by myself.  He does enjoy seeing the Hawaii scenery, and remeniscing about our honeymoon.  I enjoy watching Alex O'Loughlin.  And who could argue with that?

I know this will be a constant reminder of what sacrifice means, and is something I really need to do in my life anyway, and will give me plenty of time to fill my days with more productive activities.  But...but...but...sigh.  It's gonna be rough.

What should I do to distract myself? 


  1. Read. Teach yourself to knit. Find new blogs. Try new recipes. Shop online! (I highly recommend Bum Bum Balm instead of A+D or Desitin) Check out the local Goodwill?

  2. Reading and knitting sound good. Here are other ideas: exercise, walk Harper, early spring yardwork, scrapbook, Sudoku,listen to music or make music. I really don't think you'll miss TV, especially since Chris will turn it on in the evening. I'm enjoying your blog, by the way, and you look great being pregnant. Enjoy it!