Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rehearsal Dinner

After a hectic day of preparing, we finally reach the first party.  The rehearsal dinner!  Well, first the rehearsal.  Both Quynh and Missy didn't make it in time because of their absolutely valid reasons, so my Aunt Polly pretended to be Quynh.  We were lectured that if we had anything to drink before the ceremony, the priest would refuse to marry us ("If you want to test me, I'll give you the phone number of the last groom I refused to marry"), and made it through everything pretty quickly.  Now to the party.

Aside from the pouring rain, and the fact that I ordered ENTIRELY too much food, it was fantastic.  And, once again, my mother made the comment that "You know the bride's relaxed when she says to you 'Everything's just perfect' as it's pouring down rain."  What did I care?  We had food, friends, beer brewed by the best man (which was AMAZING), and one of the best parties I've been to in awhile.  Not to mention a very apropos slide-show that was assembled by my dad.  The songs he chose?  You and Me by Dave Matthews, Fins by Buffett, and Feeling Good by Buble.  PERFECT.

Now what you want.  Pictures.  Enjoy.

Groomsman Kyle, wife Steph, baby Maddie, and Chris 

Holy unattractive picture, Batman  

Watching the slide-show 

Mrs. P lovin on the puppy
Cathy, Groomsman Tim, and honorary Groomsman Jeremy

Bunch of my relatives

Tower of Matt's delicious home brew.

Chris with the Bridesmaids

Mom showing off her footwear.

Groomsmen got jerseys for their gifts,and I just had to represent.

Who knows what story I'm telling.

Brew-master extraordinaire and his fabulous GF Missy.

And, of course, Tim and Cathy.  V-Tech.  Boo, Tim.

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