Thursday, May 13, 2010

HELP! Slideshow Music

So, my father is busy assembling that much-loved tradition of all rehearsal dinners: the slide-show of baby pictures.  He asked me a VERY difficult question:  WHAT SONGS SHOULD HE PUT TO THE PICTURES?

Oh, this may seem like an innocent question, but it is quite difficult for us!  The music has been a large part of how we framed the wedding.  Different vibes at different times, and a strong aversion to the overly traditional.  Don't EVEN get me talking about my hatred of Canon in D.  As a string player, I have played it too many times, and I just shudder in horror when the quartet strikes up.  However, I have decided to have the bridesmaids enter to a variation of it because it felt right (gag), but it IS the Canon in C by Winston so that at least I'm not bored to tears.

Back to the question at hand.  I'm inclined to consider the following songs.  Remembering our somewhat hippie bent, our aversion to the traditional, and just all around quirky music-obsessiveness, does anyone have any other suggestions?

You and Me - Dave Matthews.
Fins - Buffett
Mr. Larkin - State Radio
After Tonight - Justin Nozuka
Hey You - Pink Floyd
Feeling Good - Michael Buble
Get Your Way - Jamie Cullum
Lovesong - The Cure

They are pretty much in the order of how much I'm feeling them at the moment.  Thanks, again!


  1. We didn't do a slide show like that at our dinner, but we had one on our wedding video. We played Tim McGraw's "You're My Best Friend." We went against the grain with our wedding too, entering our reception to Motley Crue, lol!

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