Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Little More of a Glimpse

Ok.  I was busy.  And then I was INCREDIBLY sick (5 days of flu, starting to feel human, still nowhere CLOSE to running).  And I was generally lazy about posting.  That should not shock anyone.  But the guilt has overwhelmed me, and I'll at least give you a glimpse into the early portions of the girls night out before Cathy began taking pictures of me with every guy.  In every bar.  I may not post all of those.  Because how many pictures do you need to see of me with strange men that I will likely never see again?  And, as always, I know no names.

Dinner.  Molly Maguire's.  This should shock no one but I ate a Buffalo Chicken Boxty and started with a Cream of Wheat Beer.  I don't know if I'll be able to give up my favorite boxty!  I haven't eaten meat in over a week, and, in theory, am back to vegetarian, but OH my love of buffalo chicken may kill me.  Though, really it's a love of hot sauce.  Pour hot sauce on cardboard, and I'd eat it.  So, I may be ok.

Second comment, is YES it is called a Cream of Wheat.  At least in Ohio.  That is 1/2 Hoegarden and 1/2 Guiness.  However, these silly Pennsylvanians call it a Belgian waffle.  I refuse to convert.  Except when I'm ordering.  It is scrumptious, though, and I highly recommend it.

We made it to our second bar of the evening.  The Fenix.  Which totally shouldn't exist in my tiny little town.  It's much more of a downtown Philly martini lounge that pretends it fits in.  But Cathy and I still decided to express our excitement over our martinis arriving.

I heard somewhere that you were no longer allowed to make the "duck face" after 30.  So I'm getting in my last couple shots.  Sigh.  Getting old.  7 more months in my 20's.  :(

We started annoying Chris.  Actually, I believe this is me starting to invite anyone I knew in a 30 mile radius to join us.  But we did send Chris some obnoxious pictures.

Martinis are kicking in.  I have ditched the jacket.  And I so have old-lady arms.  Eek!  I swear I lift weights, too!  Anyway, I was drinking a FABULOUS alcoholic version of an Arnold Palmer.  I believe it had sweet tea vodka and limoncello.  Don't quote me on that.  

So, give me another week and you may get another post.  Or maybe I'll be back to being good.  Who knows.  Ta ta for now. 

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