Thursday, May 13, 2010

Last of Girls Night from Eons Ago

I will never fully understand how so many bloggers take pictures of every meal, every activity, and every aspect of their lives.  I just am not attached enough to my camera to make that possible.  Let me rephrase that.  I carry a camera in my purse.  Always.  A cute little point-and-shoot.  However, I do not believe you have seen a picture taken by that camera in many months.  Either the pictures are donations from friends, or from my Canon Rebel.  And by "my" I mean Chris's.  That I steal. 

My little point and shoot just never seems to make it OUT of the purse.  And, perhaps I don't take pictures of my food because I don't fully want to admit what I eat.  It's FAIRLY healthy, but also fairly quirky.  Who else eats a JAR of pickles a week.  And no wussy baby-sized jar.  A gigantic family-sized jar of whole, kosher dill pickles.  It's a horrible addiction.  Anyway...this is all a long ramble to say I've got to play up nights where a camera actually came out until I get better about making it a more frequent occurrence.  So...round 3.


Don't know these guys' names, but we spent a lot of time with them.  And Kelle may have let us live vicariously through her as she spent much of the evening getting cozy with the blonde.  I need to talk to her about if there's been further developments.  Kelle?  You reading?  We NEED TO TALK!


I know names!  Larry and Joe.  Awesome guys.  I could not figure out how to stay in touch in an appropriate way.  I have an email.  Hard to make guy FRIENDS when you're in a relationship.  But these are truly decent, nice guys.  And...big computer geeks like me.


Ridiculous.  Cathy forced the guys into the bar into a group shot.


Sheryl and Cathy demonstrating the "hottie whistles".  They were blown at one point in appreciation.  That is all I will say.

I do not believe in embarrassing  others if you're not willing to embarrass yourself.  See above picture of me dancing.

This is the very end of the night as the club closed.  Obviously, we have all danced our hearts out and are sweaty messes.  But so fun!  Thanks, girls!


  1. Looks like you had a blast. Love the shot of you dancing!

  2. I scrapbooked for a long time (still dabble in it) so I have years of training to take photos of everything under my belt!

  3. Nice going! Looks like fun!